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June 23, 2009
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Excerpts of the Colonel Danzing’s orders for the 101st Eagle Commandos Division concerning Operation: Cork...


In response in the successful raid on the Nod Communications Center at Lake Ros, Nod communications and SAM targeting and tracking capabilities across Poland have been significantly weakened. Nod forces are now beginning to set up deliberate defenses and allocate forces in preparation for oncoming GDI advances. This includes calling for reinforcements from Belarus to fortify positions across Poland.

a) Enemy:

Nod forces have summoned reinforcements from southwest Belarus to relocate west to Poland. They will cross the Belarusian/Polish border along Highway 664 at around [date and Zulu time]. These reinforcements include a mixture of Warsaw Pact armor and mechanized infantry, including T-72 Tanks, BMP and BTR PCs, and M2A2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles equipped with twin-tube BGM-71 TOW Antitank Missile Systems. These troops and assets will likely be deployed to mount a counterattack against GDI Forward Operations Base Hail Mary while in-country Nod forces withdraw south to more fortified positions.

b) Own:

Global Defense Initiative 101st 1st Battalion commandos are to mount up in M1A1 Abrams Tanks and conduct a deliberate ambush against Nod reinforcements moving into Poland from Belarus. Destroying these reinforcements will preserve the integrity of FOB Hail Mary and prevent Nod from further massing resistance against GDI advances deeper into Poland. Air support may be available pending sudden changes in tactical situation or enemy disposition.

c) Attachments and Detachments:

Regular Nod vehicles, including M2A2 Bradley IFVs, are painted in black-and-white urban camouflage. Nod-sympathetic Belarusian vehicles are painted in European forest camouflage and/or green Belarusian military camouflage. Nod infantry uniforms are consistent with urban camouflage schemes.

GDI forward reconnaissance teams operating inside the town of Lipsk will report once enemy reinforcements are within visual sighting, and will notify 101st armor platoon of any changes in enemy direction or disposition.


At [DATE AND ZULU TIME], 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion is to execute a DELIBERATE AMBUSH via M1A1 ABRAMS MAIN BATTLE TANKS against ENEMY REINFORCEMENTS at GRID COORDINATES [8-DIGIT GRID COORDINATES] along HIGHWAY 664 1,500 meters north of HRUSKIE, POLAND. All enemy troops and assets are to be disabled or destroyed for mission success.


101st armor platoon will be dispatched from FOB Hail Mary no later than [date and Zulu time], assume defensive positions along the woods 1,700 meters west of Highway 664 at grid coordinates [8-digit grid coordinates] no later than [date and Zulu time], and ambush enemy forces brought into the killzone. Suspected time of contact is around [Zulu time]. Enemy assets are to be destroyed based on threat assessment and most valued target identification. Upon eliminating all present enemy forces, 101st armor platoon will advance along Highway 664 for thirteen kilometers to the town of Kolonie Lipsk at grid coordinates [8-digit grid coordinates] and maintain defensive positions, engaging and eliminating any enemy forces brought into contact. 101st armor platoon will hold defensive positions at Kolonie Lipsk until GDI reconnaissance team can extract from Lipsk-plus-0200, serving as temporary defensive garrison for Lipsk in the event of a Nod attack directed along Highway 664. Once all enemy forces within the tactical area have been disabled or destroyed or upon GDI reconnaissance team extraction-plus-0200, 101st armor platoon will withdraw back to FOB Hail Mary along Highway 664.

Company trains for battle damage and casevac will be a ground withdrawal along Highway 664 back to FOB Hail Mary. Aerial extraction is available for crewmen pending condition of platoon vehicles.

Intent: Eliminate all Nod reinforcements along Highway 664 and any additional enemy forces as part of Nod Belarusian reinforcements brought into contact.

Advisory: Exact number of enemy vehicles and reinforcements is unknown.

Operation is to be discontinued in the event of deployment of enemy air support.


a) Fire Support:

Close air support in the form of A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft dispatched from GDI Installation Drawn Talon may be available pending sudden changes in enemy disposition, direction, or intent.

b) Logistics:

1st and 2nd Squads, 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 101st Eagle Commandos Division are fully-equipped with four M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks equipped with 120mm sabot, HEAT, and MPAT ground and air rounds to conduct this operation. 1st Platoon as available (1st, 2nd, 3rd Squad) is equipped with eight M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks. They are to be deployed advisedly at the platoon leader’s discretion based on the tactical situation and enemy disposition, direction, and intent, and are to minimize damage to civilian personnel and local infrastructure in accordance with Global Defense Article 3115 Rules of Engagement.

A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft dispatched from GDI Installation Drawn Talon will be equipped with 30mm GAU-1 Avenger Gatling Guns and air-to-ground antitank ordnance to provide assistance to the 101st.

c) Attachments and Detachments:

GDI reconnaissance team in the form of M113-mounted mechanized infantry squad has been dispatched to Lipsk ([8-digit grid coordinate]) and will keep 101st armor platoon appraised of enemy movement and changes in disposition, direction, or intent. They are equipped with standard light infantry squad loadout including small arms, grenades, and long-range optics. They are to immediately extract back to FOB Hail Mary if compromised and engaged by enemy forces.


Hail Mary Remote Battle Command and Control Interface System (RBC2IS) Commander "Virgil" will be providing higher echelon command and control for this operation.

FOB: Hail Mary (radio frequency [digits])
Operation Go-Code: Kickoff
Ambush Point: Eisenhower
Kolonie Lipsk: Nimitz

Enemy reinforcements: The Herd

GDI Reconnaissance Squad Leader: Devil Lead (radio frequency [digits])
Air Support: Warthog 2-3, 2-4, 2-5 (radio frequency [digits])

101st Armor Platoon: Gold 1 through Gold 4 (radio frequency [digits])
This is the Operations Order for a GDI operation to take place in Poland.

For reference, it did not actually occur in the original Command & Conquer. However, realistically, it must be recognized that one battle cannot logically decide the fate of an entire nation overnight, especially a nation as large as Poland.

Compared to other OPORDERs of traditional military coalitions, GDI's OPORDER format is much more simplified. Less paperwork, less jaw-jabbing, more rounds downrange.


Like last time, any text represented by [ ] brackets indicates that a varying degree of information, such as specific times, may be inserted by the reader, and is thus unnecessary for entry. It can be replaced at the reader's discretion.
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redcomic Sep 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very professional
Thank you. That was my goal :P
DarkProxy Jan 16, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Nice work
thanks. took me a few hours to write this up as I wrote the operation
DarkProxy Jan 21, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
if you make it into a story you should post it here [link] they will keep it from being downloaded or stolen unlike DA
is DA really THAT unsecure?
DarkProxy Feb 9, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
eh no just that I got plagerized some bitch copied bra sizes
no kidding? i saw someone do that to the poem of a friend of mine. practically word for word.

someone did that to another friend who sent in art to Blizzard as part of a contest winning picture. my friend railed against blizzard and showed them the true picture, but they did nothing.
DarkProxy Feb 17, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
not to mention some emo that looked like a woman said I suck at writing but if I do suck why do I have so many followers and if someones an emo do you think a military officer would marry him?
fuck no.

hell, in the old days, we used to use emo kids for target practice! (or at least that was the running joke)
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